With superior thermal stability and fitting all GC/MS systems, the HT2800T delivers all the functions of an autosampler for liquid, static headspace and SPME in a single unit and requires only 5 minutes to switch between modalities or to move between GCs.

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Key Features

  • Intuitively Designed Controls

    • One-touch operation for routine analyses
    • After loading sample, input vial range & press START
    • Full-color touch screen interface for quick and easy system accessibility and usability

    Quick & Easy Interoperability

    • 5 minutes to switch between modalities
    • 5 minutes to move between GCs.
    • Switch between applications on the same GC
    • Ready to operate upon delivery

    SPME Superior Thermal Stability

    • Supports the derivatization pre- and post-extraction as required by the different SPME applications.
    • Extraction is performed in the heated and shaken oven (low shaking speeds minimizes mechanical stress on the fiber)
    • Temperature homogeneity is maintained with the oven cover closed during extraction
  • Loaded With Smart Tech

    • The unit is fitted with patented, proprietary or licensed technologies to enhance user experience while maximize productivity

    Headspace Analysis

    • Features system integrity test and vial leakage checks

    Liquid Sample Analysis

    • SyringeID, which identifies syringes in a univocal way, preventing volume mismatch errors while keeping track of the syringe consumption

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