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LCMS Instrument Relocation

Reliable, safe and hassle-free relocation for every type of LCMS system.

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The Most Reliable Way to Move Your Equipment

Moving LCMS equipment is a high risk, high stress project. In addition to the logistical burden, instrument relocation creates downtime and risks damaging the equipment. ZefSci will transport and install your equipment in record time while keeping your valuable assets safe.

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How It Works

Unlike most service providers, ZefSci supports the full relocation cycle, from de-installation and transport to reinstallation and calibration. As a multi-vendor service provider, we’ll move any and all of your lab’s instruments, regardless of the manufacturer. And after every installation, we offer full-year coverage, compliance and onsite training.

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Project Management

For large-scale moves, ZefSci provides an onsite and offsite project manager that works full time to ensure the success of your move and handle all the logistical needs of your project. With ZefSci as your single solution, you won’t have to manage multiple manufacturers or vendors during moving day.

ZefSci…. The Way LCMS Service Should Always Be

Discover the new standard in analytical instrument service with ZefSci multivendor LCMS maintenance. Call 1-866-854-7988 now for rapid repair or get an instant service quote today.

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