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LCMS Maintenance & Repairs for Pharma and Biotech

Discovering and developing small molecule pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals is a costly and difficult process. Whether you’re working on small molecule drugs, protein therapies or cell/gene therapies, reliable and high performance LCMS systems are at the center of analytical tools in the lab. 

ZefSci is driven by accelerating life science research and production with multi-vendor LCMS maintenance & support.

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True Multi-Vendor Service and Increased Uptime

From product development to clinical testing, LCMS systems play a critical role in life sciences labs. Prolonged downtime on a single machine can bring production to a halt for pharma, biotech and biopharma companies alike.

ZefSci offers multi-vendor unique LCMS maintenance solutions that keeps your most important systems online. Our engineers bring 5-20+ years of field service experience to your lab, as well as cross-training on a wide range of brands and instruments. And our response times never exceed 48 hours. 

This keeps your LCMS systems humming while reducing operation costs, preventing downtime and consolidating your service contracts into one plan that makes sense for your lab. We can contribute to all aspects in the pharma/biopharma lab: 

  • Disease and research – Proteomics, metabolomics, lipidomics.
  • Drug Discovery and Development: Bioanalysis (PK/PD), Biosimilars. Peptides etc.
  • QC & Compliance- Biopharma testing, Data systems, Enterprise solutions, Service & Support.

Trusted by Life Science Professionals Everywhere

We’re getting great engineers for a fraction of the price. Plus, better response time and great service. It’s a no-brainer.

If you have an issue with a system and you’re working with an OEM, there is a lot of finger pointing that leaves you in limbo. ZefSci honestly looks for the problem. They own it.

Our decision to move to ZefSci for servicing our SCIEX mass spectrometers allowed us to save substantially in costs and contributed to improving our bottom line. We’re happy.

We’ve decided! We may buy our mass spec from anyone, but you will be our partner for support.

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Work With a Trusted Partner

Whether you’re in pharma, biotech or biopharma doing discovery, production or research, ZefSci can send expert engineers to your lab and get your systems back online within 48 hours. Save money, increase productivity and optimize your uptime with multi-vendor analytical instrument service you can rely on.

ZefSci…. The Way LCMS Service Should Always Be

Discover the new standard in analytical instrument service with ZefSci multivendor LCMS maintenance. Call 1-866-854-7988 now for rapid repair or get an instant service quote today.

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