ZefSci and University of Arizona Partner to Apply Electron Capture Dissociation (ECD) Technology to Protein Characterization by Mass Spectrometry

Mar 06, 2023 | Press Release

San Diego, CA – March 6, 2023 –  Zef Scientific, Inc. along with partner e-MSion, Inc., announce a collaboration with Dr. Michael Marty at the University of Arizona College of Science and College of Medicine – Tucson to develop novel applications using electron capture dissociation (ECD) technology on Thermo Fisher Scientific’s popular Q ExactiveTM UHMR Orbitrap LCMS system.

Mass spectrometry (MS) based protein characterization has grown into an essential technology in basic biological research as well as drug discovery and development. Pioneered by e-MSion, their ExD technology is simple to use and enables complementary top-down, middle-down, and native workflows for the comprehensive characterization of protein sequence, posttranslational modifications, and higher-order structure.

In the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Dr. Michael Marty’s research group focuses on new technologies to study interactions at biological membranes, with a special focus on combining lipoprotein nanodiscs and native mass spectrometry. A key aspect of his research also focuses on characterizing membrane protein-protein, protein-ligand, and membrane protein-lipid interactions.

Dr. Marty states: “Partnering with ZefSci and adding ECD technology to our Thermo Q-Exactive UHMR, brings exciting new capabilities to the lab for charge reduction as well as native MS and top-down proteomics workflows. We are also excited to test out the eMSion software for top-down proteomics analysis.”

Rick Carberry, Business Development and Marketing Director at ZefSci, elaborates: “We are delighted to work with the Marty Lab at the University of Arizona who have a long history of developing and applying novel mass spec-based approaches to characterizing biological molecules.”

About Zef Scientific, Inc.

ZefSci is an engineering company focused solely on providing multivendor LCMS maintenance and service and setting a new standard in analytical instrument repair. More information about ZefSci is available at

About E-MSion, Inc.

e-MSion, Inc. aims to advance proteomics research by improving the accessibility of electron-based fragmentation in mass spectrometry.  They are the first to make ECD technically feasible on instruments that are in the low- to mid-price range.

About the Marty Lab at the University of Arizona Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Research in the Marty Lab is centered on the characterization of membrane proteins/peptides and their interactions with lipids by mass spectrometry. Their lab works at the interface of chemistry and biochemistry, combining cutting-edge analytical methodologies with biotechnology.