ZefSci and e-MSion Partner to Bring Electron Capture Dissociation (ECD) Technology Upgrades for Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Q Exactive Portfolio

Mar 01, 2022 | Press Release

Today, Zef Scientific, Inc. and e-MSion, Inc. announce that they have entered a partnership to provide novel electron capture dissociation (ECD) technology upgrades for Thermo Fisher Scientific’s popular line of Q ExactiveTM orbitrap LCMS systems. The agreement covers sales, marketing, all service aspects from installations to warranty provision, preventive maintenance, and troubleshooting in North America.

Mass spectrometry (MS)-based protein characterization has grown into an essential technology in basic biological research as well as drug discovery and development.  Pioneered by e-MSion, ECD enables complimentary innovative top-down, middle-down, and native workflows for the comprehensive characterization of protein sequence, posttranslational modifications, and higher-order structure.

Traditionally, ECD technology has been implemented only on high end mass spectrometry instruments such as FT-ICR-MS systems making it available only for a few specialized labs. Today, e-MSion’s technology allows ECD fragmentation along with CID on orbitrap based systems making ECD available for the vast majority of protein MS laboratories.

Apart from protein top-down analysis, the technology is also applicable to glycopeptides, glycans and to proteins and peptides with labile modifications. 

Rick Carberry, Business Development and Marketing Director at ZefSci, elaborates: “The unique type of fragmentation produced by the e-MSion cell on a Q ExactiveTM enables fast, comprehensive characterization of ions without the experimental complexity of other competing technologies on the market today and no need to buy an expensive new system.”

Dr. Joseph Beckman, CEO and founder at e-MSion, Inc. states: “Partnering with ZefSci, allows us to successfully commercialize our ECD technology by adding their successful LCMS service and operational expertise to our technical team. 

The two companies plan to offer affordable purchasing and leasing solutions along with comprehensive service plans to ensure lab critical operation are maintained. For more information about the e-MSion upgrades please call: 866 854-7988, or e-mail to:

About Zef Scientific, Inc.

ZefSci is an engineering company focused solely on providing multivendor LCMS maintenance and service and setting a new standard in analytical instrument repair. More information about ZefSci is available at 

About E-MSion, Inc.

e-MSion, Inc. aims to advance proteomics research by improving the accessibility of electron-based fragmentation in mass spectrometry.  They are the first to make ECD technically feasible on instruments that are in the low- to mid-price range.