• Did you buy a used instrument from the aftermarket?
  • Did you inherit an instrument?
  • Do you have an equipment that has been off contract for a while?

ZefSci offers comprehensive refurbishing solution

  1. You can send your instrument to our workshop and get it refurbished at a flat rate excluding repair parts.
  2. We can arrange an onsite visit to perform complete refurbishment
  3. After every refurbishment the instrument undergoes a complete preventative maintenance to ensure all basic consumable are replaced to avoid unexpected installation issues or premature failures.
  4. Data and results are included after every installation.
  5. Pictures of the instruments and packing slip provided.

Our process will guarantee that the instrument meets manufacturer specification so that it can be used in any environment.

Every instrument that undergoes a ZefSci refurbishing will be entitled to immediate service contract eligibility at a discount.

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+91 98214 12228