Toshiba-1600XPi SERIES

Toshiba-1600XPi SERIES

10 kVA Double Conversion UPS – 1600XPi Series

The 10 kVA 1600XPi Series is single-phase double-conversion UPS, available in a range of configurations.

A double-conversion online UPS, supplies uninterrupted, clean single-phase power to critical systems over large input voltage deviations without resorting to battery backup.

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Key Features

  • Available Configurations

    • Hardwired input and output (H3BG2L080C61T)
    • 6-50P input, 2 x 5-20R and 4 x 6-15R output (240V) (H3BG2L080C61TPC2)
    • 6-50P input, 2 x 5-20R and 4 x L6-30R (240V) output (H3BG2L080C61TPC3)
    • 6-50P input, 2 x 5-20R and 4 x L6-15R (240V) output (H3BG2L080C61TPC4)
    • 6-50P input, 2 x 5-20R (H3BG2L080C61TPC5)
    • 6-50P input and (5) 5-20R (Duplex) output (H3BG2L060C61TPB5)
    • 6-50P input, 4 x 5-15R and 2 x L6-30R (240V) output (H3BG2L080C61TPC7)
    • 6-50P input, 4 x 5-20R and 2 x 6-20R (240V) output (H3BG2L080C61TPC9)
    • Hardwired w/ bypass – 240Vin, 240Vout only (H3BG2L080C61TMB)
    • Hardwired input and output, w/ TVSS (H3BG2L080C61TVS)
    • UPS without Battery Tray (H3BG2L080C61TNB

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