HT3200A Premium – Liquid

The HT3200A is an automatic liquid sampler designed for gas chromatography and takes advantage of today’s latest technology to deliver superior reliability, performance and flexibility.

While similar to the HT3000A model, the HT3200A boasts some powerful, model-specific features like top-class sample capacity, SyringeID and BCR.

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Key Features

  • Capacity & Compactness

    • Accommodates multiple samples (more than any other competing unit) with near- to zero-bench space requirements
    • With its industry-setting 209 2mL sample vials, it is the perfect solution for high productivity lab and Fast GC applications

    SyringeID for Automatic Syringe Recognition

    • Proprietary technology based on RFID tags.
    • Univocal syringe identification, which prevents errors during syringe mounting (i.e.: syringe volume mismatch is not possible)
    • Syringe consumption tracking (preventive maintenance counters)
    • Complies with best practices in laboratory testing procedures
  • Integrated Bar Code Reader (BCR)

    • Available with every HT3200A unit
    • Offers full and detailed sample tracking information.
    • Barcodes are read prior to injection and stored for easy  traceability

    Easy to Use

    • Simply load samples and run the analysis with no extra downtime
    • Large, full-color touch screen interface eliminates drilldown while simplifying instrument control

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