6500 – GC

With improved APCs (Advanced Pneumatic Control), YL’s 5th-generation Gas chromatograph provides fast, reliable and precise data from every single part — from stable inlets to detectors — as well as the from innovative haptic touch pad, which makes the instrument more intuitive and easier to operate while expediting the data-processing cycle. Furthermore, the GC can be configured to perform complex analyses with the installation of inlet and detector components.

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Key Features

  • View

    • Enlarged haptic color LCD (5.7″”) showing all factors at a glance
    • Classic and lab-suitable design
    • Intuitive and user-friendly view by YL chromatography data system


    • High speed data process by network (LAN) communication
    • Enhanced APCs for all modules
    • Upgraded column oven
    • Programming ramp/plateaus : 25/26
    • Temperature Stability : ± 0.01 ℃


    • Saving user’s valuable time with a high throughput autosampler
    • Improved column conditioning function
    • Automatic set of split flow up to 5 ml/min on column conditioning
    • Sensitive leak detection (H2)
    • Prevention of oven malfunction (Over heating)
    • Automatic stop when an oven door gets opened during operation
  • Variety

    Maximum number of inlet / detector installation

    • 3

    Various inlets available:

    • Capillary(Split/Splitless) / Packed / On-column inlet

    Various detectors with high sensitivity available:

    • Flame ionization detector (FID): MDL < 1.5 pg C/sec
    • Thermal conductivity detector (TCD): MDL < 2.5 ng /ml
    • Micro-thermal conductivity detector (µTCD): MDL < 400 pg/ml
    • Nitrogen phosphorus detector (NPD):MDL < 0.2 pg N/sec, <0.02 pg P/sec
    • Flame photometric detector (FPD) : 1.0 pg S/sec, 0.2 pg P/sec
    • Electron capture detector (ECD) : MDL < 10 fg/sec
    • Pulsed discharge detector (PDD)
    • Pulsed flame photometric detector (PFPD)
    • Mass Spectrometer(MS)


  • Usable Volume

    • 14 L

    Temperature Operating Range

    • 4 °C above ambient to 450 °C or more

    Cooling Down Option

    • – 80 °C ~ 450 °C (with LN2 cryogenic cooling)
    • – 40 °C ~ 450 °C (with LCO2 cryogenic cooling)

    Temperature Programming

    • 25 ramps/26 plateaus

    Temperature Set-point

    • 0.1 °C
  • Maximum Heating Rate

    • 120 °C/min

    Maximum Run Time

    • 9,999 min

    Temperature Program Method

    • Maximum up to 20

    Temperature Stability

    • ±0.01 °C (Isothermal), ±0.1 °C (Gradient)

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