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Preventative Maintenance

Analytical instrumentation consists of both high voltage electronics as well as mechanical components a preventative maintenance on the equipment Is not a luxury but more of a necessity. At least one visit per year helps reduce instrumentation downtime and avoid unknown expenses.

Our preventive maintenance offers the following:

  • One day complete LC-MS-MS preventive maintenance
  • Multivendor/single source solution
  • Vendor specific preventive maintenance checklist
  • Customary consumables provided
  • Electronic check list.
  • Trained engineers that can work on both the LC and MS.


We understand that not all equipment can be covered under a service agreement. ZefSci dedicated team can help repair your instrument at your facility during normal business hours.

Most organizations select their time and material partner based on the hourly rates. We encourage customers to select the company that has the most experience. Choosing a firm that charges 20% less hourly but takes twice the time to fix is counterproductive.

At ZefSci we take pride that every repair is done correctly the first time and is performed timely and efficiently. Combining your PM with a repair is absolutely one way to save.

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+212 537 772 652