Phthalate Analyzer (YL6500 GC)

Phthalates are used in all sorts of common products. Its main purpose is to be a plasticizers. This helps plastics to increase their flexibility, transparency, durability, and longevity. However studies in rodents have proven that the use of Phthalates can cause change in hormone levels & birth defects. Consequently certain regulations have been put in place to inforce restrictions in products intended for children under specific ages.

Phthalate Analyzer excels at detection and quantitation of regulated phthalates in children’s toys, medical devices and food packaging that are related directly to our wellbeing.

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  • Accurate sample preparation method support
  • Analysis method setup with CDS (Chromatography Data System)
  • Customized application support with recommended columns and consumables
  • Superior cost effectiveness with optimized analysis efficiency
  • Low maintenance cost and long term stability

Application Note