Versa 10

Need to scale up the operation without hurting the budget?

Fitted with versatile 6-position deck in a footprint under 3 ft2, the Versa 10 uses air displacement pipetting technology while handling volumes as low as 1µL. The 8-channel head with single channel functionality provides flexibility to accommodate 1 to 96 samples.

Key Features

  • Compact

    • Fit on benchtop and in biosafety cabinets

    4 or 8 Channels With Single cCannel Function

    Open System

    • Keep your protocols, kits and labware


    • Intuitive software pre-programmed with your protocols


    • On-site training and installation
  • Minimal Maintenance

    • Save time from priming the pump


    • Flexible 6-positioned modular deck tailoring to your needs


    • Contamination-Free with optional HEPA/UV/LED enclosure

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