True Multivendor LCMS Instrument Servicing

Get years of OEM technical service experience in your corner, no matter what LCMS instrumentation your lab is running. We service experience analytical instrumentation from all the major manufacturers.

Adjust the mass spectrometer. The man analyzes the device for determining the masses of atoms. Device for the pharmaceutical industry. Ionic source of mass spectrometer

We Service LCMS Instruments From Front to Back

We service many of the leading LCMS brands, including SCIEX, Waters, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Agilent, Shimadzu, Leap and Evosep. Consolidate your LCMS service under one contract with a team that can do holistic troubleshooting and repairs for your entire system, even if the front-end LC and mass analyzer are different brands.

LCMS Brands and Models We Service


  • Triple Quadrupole LCMS Systems
  • QTOF LCMS Systems
  • Any LC with your SCIEX System
  • QTRAP Systems

Thermo Fischer Scientific

  • Orbitrap Tribrid Mass Spectrometers
  • Q Exactive LCMS Systems
  • Orbitrap Exploris LCMS Systems
  • Legacy Orbitrap LCMS Systems
  • Ion Trap LCMS Systems
  • Triple Quadrupole LCMS Systems
  • HPLC Systems


  • HPLC Systems
  • All Single Quad Series LCMS


  • Triple Quadrupole LCMS Systems
  • QTOF LCMS Systems
  • TOF LCMS Systems
  • HPLC Systems
  • All Single Quad 6100 Series


  • Triple Quadrupole LCMS Systems
  • QTOF LCMS Systems
  • HPLC Systems
  • All Single Quad Series LCMS


  • Evosep One


  • CTC and PAL Sample Handlers

Your Multivendor LCMS Service Partner

ZefSci is an engineering company focused solely on providing multivendor LCMS maintenance and service and setting a new standard in analytical instrument repair. We are dedicated to serving customers with timely, cost-effective repairs. That dedication is what pushes us to provide the uptime you can count on.

We’re not just a service provider or an instrument vendor. We’re an integral partner in your lab.

Disclaimer: The brands and names are registered trademarks of the companies and does not imply any partnership or collaboration. Content is for informational purposes.

Need Expert LCMS Service?

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