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LCMS Services for Basic Research Labs

Academic and government labs performing basic research need to keep their high-performance LCMS systems operating to stay competitive. That’s where ZefSci can help.

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Expert engineers servicing a system

Affordable Multi-Vendor Service

The costs of maintenance and repair continue to grow exponentially, making it ever more challenging to fund basic or major repairs.

ZefSci’s expert engineers can help service your systems and save you money. We have lower overhead resulting in lower labor rates for both time and materials repair as well as contract work. We can source less expensive parts and offer flexible service programs and payment plans, so you can get the service you need quickly.

ZefSci servicing an analytical instrument

Work With a Trusted Partner

No matter your lab’s focus, ZefSci can send expert-level engineers to your lab to verify your machine’s parameters. Save money, increase productivity and optimize your uptime with multi-vendor analytical instrument service you can rely on.

ZefSci…. The Way LCMS Service Should Always Be

Discover the new standard in analytical instrument service with ZefSci multi-vendor LCMS maintenance. Call 1-866-854-7988 now for rapid repair or get an instant service quote today.

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