LC-40 HPLC System

Experience New Benchmarks of Intelligence, Efficiency, and Design.

Our LC-40 system is the workhorse for everyday HPLC, whether using traditional 5 micron fully porous LC columns or the popular SPP column phases for high efficiency separations with lower back pressures. Ten to 20 minute run times are the norm.

Utilizing Analytical Intelligence (AI) technologies, and featuring the most advanced performance features available, the new LC-40 will transform your workflows for maximum reliability, uptime, and efficiency.

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Key Features

Analytical Intelligence

New Smart Flow control during start-up and shutdown
Auto-diagnosis and Auto-recovery from flow anomalies
Remote maintenance and laboratory management
Mobile Phase Monitor with true gravimetric monitoring of the available mobile phase quantity (Optional)


High efficiency chromatography with 44 MPa (~6,000 psi) pressure tolerance and LPGE or HPGE solvent delivery

Speed and Carryover

Ultra-fast injection cycles (7 sec) with lowest carryover


Connection via Ethernet


High capacity sample handling with optional plate changer. Remarkably small footprint.