Video Interview with Dr. Alexander R. Ivanov: The Cutting-Edge of Mass Spectrometry in Biomedical Research

May 04, 2023 | Blog

Rick Carberry and Dr. Ivanov Interview

Mass spectrometers are among the most powerful instruments we use for research with our students and collaborators. But how do today’s proteomics researchers use them, and for what specific purposes? To understand more, we traveled to Northeastern University’s Barnett Institute to interview Associate Professor Alexander Ivanov.

In the below video, ZefSci’s Director of Marketing, Rick Carberry, interviews Dr. Alexander Ivanov of Northeastern University about his research and the importance of mass spectrometry.

Dr. Ivanov has 20 years of mass spectrometry experience, using advanced instruments to develop new techniques to analyze proteins and proteomes at extreme sensitivity levels. His research is helping identify new analysis techniques to facilitate solving challenging biomedical problems.

Currently, Dr. Ivanov and his collaborators can analyze numerous proteins and complexes important to biological function. This includes proteomic profiling at the single cell and subcellular level, working with sub-nanogram and sub-nanoliter sample amounts, isolation and characterization of extracellular microvesicles from human plasma, and highly sensitive glycan profiling. They are also developing ways to look at intact proteins and protein-protein and protein-small molecule complexes, where non-covalent interactions are preserved. This allows them to probe structural features and interactions of various protein complexes, including extremely large ones, at high sensitivity levels. 

Watch the full interview below.