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Are you relocating your lab?

Did you buy an instrument from auction?

Did you purchase another company?

For what ever reason if you need to move LC-MS/MS or GC-MS/MS instrument

Moving a laboratory can be very stressful especially when it comes to your high end equipment such as Mass Spectrometry and analytical chromatography. ZefSci’ engineering scientific firm can help with your logistical burden. We perform relocations weekly form a single HPLC to an entire fleet of LCMSMS equipment. We are recognized in the industry as the sole source provider for your chromatography needs. Unlike our competition our relocations consist of a full cycle process.

When ZefSci’ does the move, we guarantee that the instruments will be moved with care and hassle free, more importantly we can assure you that equipment will meet or exceed manufacturer specification.

For larger scale moves ZefSci can also assign a full time onsite and offsite project manager to make sure all your logistical needs are met with limited intervention. Why call multiple manufacturers to move your asset when ZefSci can be your only source and solution.

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