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LCMS Services for Clinical and Toxicology Labs

In the field of clinical testing and toxicology, accuracy matters. Today, production labs performing tests are under extreme pressure to control both the cost of analysis and the cost of service and maintenance as reimbursement rates continue to drop.

At ZefSci, you can get expert-level multi-vendor engineers and still save money. Any busy toxicology lab can benefit from our flexible service programs and payment plans.

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Our Services

Tandem mass spectrometry has become an essential tool for clinical labs analyzing small molecule panels and biomedical research labs performing both biomarker discovery and quantitation.

Our multi-vendor LCMS options include plans and services for machines used in:

  • IVD/TDM (immunosuppressants, anticonvulsants)
  • Endocrine testing (Steroids, Vit D)
  • Newborn Screening (AAs, carnitines)
  • Workplace drug testing
  • Toxicology/Pain management
  • Addiction medicine
  • Protein/Peptide biomarkers
  • Emerging biologics (IGF-1, thyroglobulin)
  • Sports medicine /Doping (human, horse)
  • Forensics
Engineers working on an LCMS system

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No matter your lab’s focus, ZefSci can send engineers to get your LCMS systems back online within 48 hours. Save money, increase productivity and optimize your uptime with multi-vendor analytical instrument service you can rely on.

ZefSci…. The Way LCMS Service Should Always Be

Discover the new standard in analytical instrument service with ZefSci multi-vendor LCMS maintenance. Call 1-866-854-7988 now for rapid repair or get an instant service quote today.

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