Nexera XR – UFLC

Ultra-High Performance Liquid Chromatograph

Need to up your game? The Nexera XR gives you that exact opportunity. Considered the most accessible UHPLC on the market, this system allows you to pursue higher speeds and pressure compared to the Prominence. The Nexera XR system provides accurate and reproducible results and is an indispensable tool for laboratories in a variety of industries including pharmaceuticals, biochemistry, chemistry, environmental, and food science.

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Key Features

  • Method Scouting

    • Switch between 8 mobile phases, 6 columns for up to 96 method combinations

    Increased Throughput

    • Maximize sample throughput with precision, high-speed injections

    Excellent Reproducibility

    • 0.2 % RSD or less, even for trace-quantity injections


    • High capacity sample handling with optional plate changer. Remarkably small footprint.
  • Your Choice of Detection

    • Your choice of detectionUV-Vis, Photodiode Array, Refractive Index, Fluorescence, Conductivity, etc.

    Large Capacity Oven

    • Can fit up to 300 mm columns, 2 flow control valves, 2 manual injections, and a gradient mix

    Additional Features

    • Supports a variety of analysis conditions
    • Low carryover supports MS with higher accuracy

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