Nexera Prep HPLC System

The Nexera Prep products represent complete solutions for preparative purification chromatography resulting in clean, repeatable isolates and with a workflow friendly to lab personnel of all experience levels.

Nexera Prep offers flexible hardware options to cover your purification needs. The software workflow makes it easy to translate an analytical run into dependable preparative-scale peak fraction collections; changes to method and collection parameters can be made on the fly.

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Nexera Prep Features

Robust solvent delivery from semi-prep (3 – 20 mL/min.) to preparative flow rates (up to 150 mL/min). Large volume injections. Column Hub for organizing prep columns and valves – with integrated leak sensor. Versatile liquid handling and fraction collection – open bed inject and collect. Purity verification re-injection option. Fractionation simulation for rapid setup of collection logic Column line-up for scale-up from analytical to preparative.

Nexera Prep Specifications

  • Can be configured for prep (up to 150 mL/min) or semi-preparative flow rates (up to 20 mL/min)
  • Other options include sampling/collection to tubes of various sizes and bottles (up to 1 L), liquid-level sensing needle, and additional rinse capability
  • Max injection volume = 20 mL.
  • Multiplexing of collection may be accomplished (1 LH + up to 5 FRC; or 6 FRC).