LabSolutions Insight Multi-Analyte Quantitation Software

Next-Generation Software Enables Faster Quantitative Analysis and Dramatically Higher Productivity

Large quantities of high-quality mass spectrometer data can be obtained around the clock, but checking and analyzing all that data can be extremely time-consuming, which significantly decreases the efficiency of research and investigation work. Therefore, Shimadzu offers LabSolutions Insight multi-analyte quantitation software for GC/MS (/MS) and LC/MS/MS analysis that helps analyze such multi-analyte data more conveniently and more efficiently.

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Features & Benefits

Intuitive Operations

The intuitive user interface ensures the analytical process progresses smoothly from confirming peaks to outputting results.

Powerful Peak Integration Algorithm

The new i-PeakFinder peak integration algorithm is based on powerful peak identification technology that significantly improves data analysis efficiency by reducing the amount of manual correction work.

Supporting Data Analysis

Flag-based labeling, filtering, and peak comparison functions provide powerful support for analyzing multi-analyte multi-component data and are especially beneficial for food safety and forensic toxicology applications.

Compliance with Data Integrity Requirements

LabSolutions Insight is compliant with FDA regulatory standards, such as traceability and audit trail requirements for user and data management, required in pharmaceutical and CRO fields.


To dramatically improve data analysis efficiency, Shimadzu focused on the process of managing results from multi-analyte data analysis.

Consequently, LabSolutions Insight offers a new workflow that not only enables convenient and robust management of data analysis results for massive amounts of acquired data, but also enables the results to be reviewed much more quickly.

Note: i-PeakFinder algorithm, database and new workflow are compatible with LCMS only.