1. The first system in the industry to include functions for assisting with analytical method development and diagnostics.
  2. Newly developed collision cell and On-Line IEC work together to eliminate spectral interference,and achieve high-sensitive and low-interference analyses.
  3. Unique system developed by Shimadzu results in the industry’s lowest running costs.
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Dual Assistant Functions Simplify Analysis

The Development Assistant simplifies the process of developing analytical methods and automatically diagnoses spectral interference, providing analytical results with exceptionally high reliability.

High Stability, High Sensitivity and low interference

The optimized internal structure including the newly-developed collision cell enables analysis at an excellent sensitivity with the minimum spectral interference.

Low running costs

The Shimadzu-developed environmentally-friendly mini-torch plasma unit minimizes the consumption of electricity for producing and maintaining an argon plasma.

As of February 2016, based on data obtained by Shimadzu