Similar to HS-20 LongTX Model, which interfaces with the GC-2014 gas chromatograph through a longer (60-inch) transfer line, the HS-20 Loop Model is designed for:

  1. Traditional static HS applications
  2. Methods using the pressure-loop sampling technique
  3. Applications requiring greater sensitivity via the HS-trap technique

Ideal for environmental samples, materials characterization, pharmaceutical residual solvents, blood alcohol determination, among other applications.


  • The open access, 90-position sample tray provides immediate access to all samples at all times
  • Uses standard, round-bottom 10-mL and 20-mL headspace vials without adapters
  • The 12-position equilibration oven loads from the bottom to minimize heat loss and improve repeatability
  • Maximum equilibration temperature of 300 °C permits analysis of high-boiling compounds
  • Includes multiple operational modes: static headspace mode, headspace-trap mode (HS-20 Trap model only), multiple headspace extraction (MHE) mode, and method development mode
  • The headspace needle, passivated loop, and trap (HS-20 Trap model only) are easily accessible from the top of the instrument for routine maintenance
  • An optional bar-code reader logs sample ID for traceability

Can be used for GC or GCMS analysis – the GC version is compliant with FDA CFR 21 Part 11


A sample is sealed inside a HS (headspace) vial, allowing the VOCs in the sample to equilibrate between the gas and liquid phases by adjusting the temperature, time and through agitation. After the vial is pressurized, a portion of the headspace is sampled for analysis. Volatiles from the HS are sampled up to 10 times, and concentrated on a Peltier-cooled adsorbent trap prior to desorbing to the GC or GC/MS for analysis.