For high-sensitivity measurement of amino acids in foods and biological samples

The analysis of amino acids plays an important role within the food industry, natural product and pharmaceutical fields. This instrument uses detection by post-column fluorescence derivatization, with o-phthalaldehyde (OPA) / N-acetylcysteineas the reaction reagent. This method is used to selectively and with high sensitivity quantitate the amino acids contained in samples with high levels of contaminants.

Key Features

  • Detection

    • Selectively detects amino acids based on Shimadzu’s highly acclaimed post-column reaction technology and high-sensitivity fluorescence detector.
    • Detects amino acids with over ten times higher sensitivity than the ninhydrin method (UV detection), by using a derivatization method that provides selective reaction with amino radicals, together with fluorescence detection.

    Outstanding Reproducibility Derivatization

    • Occurs after separation in the column, reactions are not affected by the sample matrix. Therefore, analyses can be performed with good precision
  • Easy To Operate

    • Since column eluant is automatically derivatized by mixing it with the reaction reagent, it saves time and tedious tasks.
    • The mobile phase and reaction solution are available as a kit, which means solutions can be prepared with minimal trouble.

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