Prominence – HPLC

Front-end HPLC Supporting High Precision Proteome Analysis Looking for a modular high-performance liquid chromatograph (HPLC) without any compromises? Look no further than the Prominence HPLC, which gives you the flexibility to customize your LC for your specific needs. Covers a broad range of analyses from analytical to semi-preparative, reversed phase, normal phase, Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC) andIon Chromatography (IC).

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Consists of Prominence Series units, including a flow line switching valve for nano-level flow control, and a solvent delivery unit that demonstrates excellent flow rate accuracy even at nano-level flows.

  • Two system configurations are available: basic 1-dimensional system that adopts the trap injection system and 2-dimensional system in which reversed-phase separation is automatically conducted following the first stage cation-exchange separation.
  • Multiple solvent delivery options, a broad range of flows, and isocratic or gradient elution
  • Numerous detector options to cover a range of sample chemistries
  • Expandable valving options from simple to complex flow paths


  • Accurate solvent delivery at nano flow rates with newly-developed nano flow sensor
  • Low solvent consumption with reflux flow control system
  • Low-volume nano valve – excellent performance and ruggedness –
  • Higher-sensitivity analysis with less sample volume

Intuitive Operation

  • Intuitive operation via graphical user interface
  • Visual monitoring of instrument operational status
  • Convenient setting of 2-dimensional LC parameters

Application in Proteome Analysis

  • Data reliability through high retention time repeatability
  • High degree of separation utilizing 2-dimensional LC