Our Partnership

e-MSion and Zef Scientific

e-MSion Inc. was founded in 2015 to make ECD available to the wider MS community as a retrofittable device on non-FT-ICR spectrometers. As a partner, Zef Scientific brings many years of experience in providing expert level multivendor LCMS service in North America. Together we are happy to combine efforts in sales, service, and support in bringing this powerful new technology to owners of existing Thermo Fisher Q Exactive systems as retrofittable upgrades.

Affordable ECD for Your QE. How Can It Help You?

The e-MSion ExD Cell produces fragmentation similar to FT-ICR-ECD, but on workhorse mass spectrometers like the Q Exactive series. The ability to perform simple electron-based fragmentation enables valuable new types of data and time-saving workflows. ECD tends to produce mainly c- and z-type ions and as a result the spectra produced tend to be less congested thus making interpretation and top-down sequencing simpler. The localized activation preserves the PTMs and thereby enables the identification of the site of PTMs such as phosphorylation and glycosylation.

Q Exactive ECD Upgrade

Extend the capability of your Q Exactive Orbitrap™ mass spectrometer with the ExD TQ-160 Option.

The cell is added just before the C-trap to provide easy electron capture dissociation (ECD) experiments and complimentary data to CID.

Now available for the Q Exactive Orbitrap™ family, including QE Classic, QE Plus, QE HF, and QE HF-X models.

The ExD TQ-160 Option includes:

  • ExD cell
  • ExD controller
  • ExDViewer Software
  • Consumable filaments
  • All cables and accessories

Sales, service and support available from ZefSci.

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For information on upgrade pricing, purchase and leasing plans call 781-635-9985 or send an inquiry to info@zefsci.com.

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