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Fasmatech and Zef Scientific

Fasmatech is a high technology company focused on mass spectrometry and ion mobility instrumentation design and development. Fasmatech developed the Omnitrap platform, a unique ion processing system designed to provide access to an arsenal of ion activation-dissociation techniques, all embedded in the same unit.

As a partner, Zef Scientific brings many years of experience in providing expert LCMS service in North America, and together we are happy to combine efforts in sales, service, and support in bringing this powerful new technology to owners of existing Thermo Fisher Exploris™ 480 LCMS systems in North America and Canada.

Upgrade Your Exploris™ 480 LCMS to a Protein Analysis Center

The Omnitrap platform connects to the Exploris™ 480 LCMS instrument in series with the HCD cell. The platform processes ions transferred through a bridging hexapole and redirects products back to the Exploris™ 480 LCMS instrument for measuring mass-to-charge using the Orbitrap™ mass analyzer.

Purpose-designed regions of the ion trap accommodate a diverse set of ion activation techniques including slow heating CID, ECD, EID, photo-dissociation and additional activation methods enabled by external injection of activated neutrals or pulsed ion beams.

Performance Achievements

  • Access to an extended mass range using variable frequency rectangular RF waveforms for trapping ions
  • Highly efficient ECD and EID of precursor ions in high vacuum with fine-tuned electron beam energy
  • Enhanced CID efficiency in pulsed RF fields at elevated gas pressure
  • Lossless transfer of ions between the Exploris™ 480 LCMS instrument and the Omnitrap processing platform
  • Sales, service and support available from ZefSci

Ion Activation Arsenal for Tandem MSn

  • Slow heating and high energy CID
  • Electron Capture Dissociation
  • Electron Induced Dissociation
  • Electron Ionization
  • Dual-axis optical access for photo-dissociation
  • External injection of activated neutrals and ion beams

Application Areas

  • Top-down proteomics, proteoform and post-translation modification analysis
  • Structural biology
  • Native mass spectrometry

Key Recent Publications

The Omnitrap Platform: A Versatile Segmented Linear Ion Trap for Multidimensional Multiple-Stage Tandem Mass Spectrometry

De Novo Glycan Sequencing by Electronic Excitation Dissociation MS2-Guided MS3 Analysis on an Omnitrap-Orbitrap Hybrid Instrument
De Novo Glycan Sequencing by Electronic Excitation Dissociation MS2-Guided MS3 Analysis on an Omnitrap-Orbitrap Hybrid Instrument | Analytical Chemistry | ChemRxiv | Cambridge Open Engage

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