Our Partnership

Evosep and Zef Scientific

Evosep, who have developed the novel and popular Evosep One chromatography system, aim to make clinical proteomics 100 times more robust and 10 times faster by radically innovating sample preparation and separation prior to MS analysis. To ensure service support for their growing customer base, Zef Scientific is now an authorized service provider for the Evosep One in the western US.

ZefSci brings many years of experience in providing expert level multivendor LCMS service in N. America. Together we are pleased to offer onsite service support when needed for Evosep One customers, as well as back end MS systems from Thermo, SCIEX, and others.

Expert Onsite Service for Your Evosep One and Mass Spec

ZefSci engineers are fully trained and supported by Evosep to come to your lab when onsite work is required.  From installation to warranty coverage, PMs, and any repair, we can get your system up and running quickly.

Additionally, we are also able to provide high quality service on any backend Thermo, SCIEX, Waters, Agilent, or Shimadzu MS system.  As such, we can troubleshoot the system holistically and make repairs quickly without the usual finger pointing that occurs when different engineers are employed for the front and back.

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