Carbamate Analyzer

Carbamate Analyzer is a system designed to analyze the carbamate pesticides using post column derivatization.

The analysis of carbamate using post-column derivatization offers qualitative and quantitative analysis results by automating sample preparation.

It alternates the GC-ECD method and also analyzes 13 kinds of Carbamate pesticides not included in the 10 compounds specified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) Method 531.1 and AOAC Protocol 29.A05.

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C18(4.6*250mm, 5um)
Flow Rate
1.0 mL/min
Mobile phase
MeOH : CH3CN : H2O = 3 : 2 : 6 (Isocratic)
FLD Ex. 365nm, Em. 435nm
Injection Volume
20 μL
Pinnacle PCX with 0.5 mL reactor
PBPB Derivatization solution
Reactor condition
40 °C, 0.4ml/min


  • High sensitivity : detection limits of 0.1-0.5ng(or 0.2-1ppb levels) for drinking water) can be routinely achieved.
  • Selectivity : only N-methylcarbamates and N-methyl carbamoyloximes plus components reactive to OPA under the specified conditions are detected.
  • Minimum sample preparation : drinking water can be directly injected into the system.
  • The analysis is easily automated with the addition of an autosampler.