Adjust the mass spectrometer. The man analyzes the device for determining the masses of atoms. Device for the pharmaceutical industry. Ionic source of mass spectrometer

Multi-vendor LCMS Services

From flexible contracts to preventative maintenance, troubleshooting and refurbishment, ZefSci offers a suite of services that make it easier to keep your laboratory humming.

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  • LCMS Service

    Choose the service and repair package you need to keep your instruments in top form. Full-service plans, labor only plans, creative risk sharing plans, or simple time and materials, we are happy to build a solution just for you.
  • Preventative Maintenance & Repairs

    Avoid costly equipment failures and downtime with preventative maintenance and repairs.
  • LCMS Refurbishment

    Refurbish your used LCMS instruments with rapid calibration and repair services. We also provide refurbished LC and LCMS systems when available.
  • Instrument Relocation

    Reliable, safe and hassle-free relocation for every type of instrument.
  • Qualifications (IQ-OQ)

    Qualify your installation, operations and performance with an integrated certification process, independent of brand.

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Discover the new standard in analytical instrument service with ZefSci multivendor LCMS maintenance. Call 1-866-854-7988 now for rapid repair or get an instant service quote today.

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