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Qualifications (IQ/OQ)

Integrated qualification processes and protocols for all your equipment, independent of brand.

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Our Approach Is Unique

ZefSci uses one standard approach for all instruments, manufacturers and models. Instrument acceptance criteria and specifications can be changed and saved for future qualifications. All data is captured electronically following NIST traceable standards. We combine SOPs and raw data into one large document effortlessly and seamlessly.

“The documented verification that all aspects of a facility, utility, or equipment that can affect product quality operated as intended throughout all anticipated ranges.” – ISPE Baseline Guide, Volume 5 Commissioning and Qualification definition

IQ-OQ Parameters We Verify

LCMS (mass analyzer) Parameters
  • System calibration
  • Test mass accuracy
  • Reproducibility using ESI mix and reserpine
  • MRM check and Trap functionality
  • Sensitivity check
LCMS (mass analyzer) Parameters
Liquid Chromatography Parameters
  • Pump flow rates
  • Gradient Tests
  • Temperature accuracy
  • Injection linearity
  • Wavelength accuracy (U/V, Fluorescence)
  • Autosampler precision & carryover
Liquid Chromatography Parameters
Gas Chromatography Parameters
  • Column Oven Temperature Accuracy and Precision
  • Temperatures (Inlet & Detector)
  • Inlet pressure and tightness
  • Flow rate
  • Detector gas flow rate
  • Precision FID/TCD linearity
Gas Chromatography Parameters

Work With a Trusted Partner

Whether you’re in pharma, biotech or biopharma doing discovery, production or research, ZefSci can send expert engineers to your lab to verify your machine’s parameters. Save money, increase productivity and optimize your uptime with multi-vendor analytical instrument service you can rely on.

ZefSci…. The Way LCMS Service Should Always Be

Discover the new standard in analytical instrument service with ZefSci multivendor LCMS maintenance. Call 1-866-854-7988 now for rapid repair or get an instant service quote today.

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