Video Interview with Dr. Sasha A. Singh: Mass Spectrometry & Understanding Cardiovascular Disease

May 04, 2023 | Blog

Rick Carberry a nd Sasha Singh Interview

How are today’s mass spectrometers impacting medical research and drug development? To learn more, we took a trip to the Longwood Medical Area to talk to Dr. Sasha A. Singh.

The Longwood Medical Area is a mecca of medical research. It’s home to many prolific medical research laboratories and research hospitals including Harvard Medical School, the Dana-Farber Cancer Center and the Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

In this video, ZefSci’s Director of Marketing, Rick Carberry, talks to Dr. Singh about her research and the importance of mass spectrometry.

As the Director of Proteomic Research at the Center for Interdisciplinary Cardiovascular Sciences (CISC), Harvard Medical School, and the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Dr. Singh relies on mass spectrometry to help uncover and characterize the underlying mechanisms of cardiovascular disease. Her lab currently employs two ThermoFisher mass spec instruments – the Lumos and the Exploris 480.

Dr. Singh stresses the importance of improving the affordability of mass spectrometry. She works with many smaller research groups across the country who would like to integrate the technology but are prohibited by the expense. It’s not just the cost of purchasing the instrument but maintaining the instrument and finding specialized talent to run the equipment.

Watch the full interview below.