TQ8040 NX – GC-MS/MS

TQ8040 NX – GC-MS/MS

The Shimadzu triple-quad GCMS-TQ8040 utilizes Smart technologies to boost routine analytical work.

One example is Smart MRM, which automatically determines all optimum transitions and collision energies, and seamlessly incorporates them into the Smart Database Series, allowing users to have fully automated MRM method development from start to finish. With such technologies the GCMS-TQ8040 GC-MS/MS is so smart it almost runs itself! Perfect for applications in such markets as Environmental and Food and Beverage.

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Key Features

  • Simplified User Maintenance

    • Allows operators to change parts quickly and new Active-Time ManagementTM give users the ability to maximize time

    Smart Database Series

    • Provides fully automated method development at the touch of a button

    Scan/MRM Analysis Mode

    • Simultaneously acquires accurate library-searchable mass spectra and low-level MRM quantitation in a single analysis
  • Smart MRM Method Creation Protocol

    • Automatically sets the optimum dwell and loop times for each method to maximize sensitivity

    Redesigned Flow Control

    • Allows system to achieve exceptional reproducibility

    Automatic Adjustment of Retention Times (AART)

    • With > 99.9% accuracy means no need to adjust flow rates or update RTs manually

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