Nexera X2 – UFLC


The most advanced UHPLC on the market today.

The Nexera X2 fuses UHPLC and HPLC technologies to handle a broad range of applications. In addition to offering maximum speed, sensitivity, resolution, stability, and reliability features a revolutionary separation technology and extends the dynamic range so that both concentrated and trace components can be quantitated simultaneously.

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Key Features

  • Precision Engineered Uhplc Pumps for Pulse-Free Solvent Delivery at up to 130 Mpa

    6 Configurations Flexible Design System

    Automated Solvent Preparation

    • Solvent selection, solvent blending, and gradient elution in one system

    Enhanced Autosampler Rinsing Functions

    • Up to 4 different rinsing solutions
  • Column Oven with Intelligent Heat Distribution

    Large Sample Capacity

    • Can hold up to 324 – 1.5 mL vials at a time and expandable with the rack changer

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