IRAffinity-1S Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer

The latest in a line up of high-end UV-VIS-NIR spectrophotometers from Shimadzu, the  UV-3600 Plus is equipped with 3 detectors, maximizing sensitivity over the entire measurement wavelength range. With a high-performance double monochromator, ultra-low stray light (0.00005% or less at 340 nm) is achieved at high resolution. With a measurement wavelength range of 185 – 3300 nm, the UV-3600 Plus is applicable to spectroscopic analysis in a wide variety of fields.

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Key Features

  • The Following Make the IRAffinity-1S the Highest S/N Ratio In Its Class

    • High-energy ceramic light source
    • Temperature-controlled
    • High-sensitivity DLATGS detector
    • High-throughput optical element
    • Optimized electrical and optical system

    Easy to Maintain Ensured by Built-In Auto Dryer

    • Airtight interferometer incorporating a unique internal auto dryer
  • Contaminant Analysis Program

    • Patent pending algorithms
    • Extensive library spectra for common contaminants
    • Automatic report creation, reducing post-processing time to mere seconds.
    • Allows operators with minimal FTIR knowledge to perform analysis

    Identification Test Program

    • Executes pass/fail judgments about samples per tests specified in the Pharmacopoeia.
    • Used for incoming and pre-shipment inspections.

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