i-Series – LC


Conceived for the unified and harmonious lab.

The I SERIES Plus is an integrated LC that features an intuitive system control with an integrated LCD. Runtime is under 14 seconds. It has an ultra-low carryover and houses all the features of a HPLC/UFLC: Quaternary pump, autosampler, UV and/or PDA and inline degasser.

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Key Features

  • I-series Increased Column Oven Capacity

    • Store up to three 300mm LC columns

    Optional Column Switching

    • Choose the analysis flow path with convenient software control

    Sample Pretreatment

    • Automate sample dilution and reagent/internal standard addition

    Optional Add-on Detectors

    • Add a refractive index or fluorescence detector
  • Enhanced Quantitative Performance

    • Achieve wider linear range and repeatability for the smallest injected volumes of 1 μL or less

    Best Choice For

    • Economical solution
    • Effortless setup and configuration
    • Reliable

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