8050 – LC-MS/MS

High-Sensitivity & High-Speed Scanning at 30,000 u/sec

Enhancements in chromatography and sub-2 micron columns have resulted in narrower peak widths, thereby increasing resolution. Analysts are demanding shorter chromatographic run times while adding more analyses to a single method. With these two factors at play, it is clear that the LCMS-8050’s ultra-fast mass spectrometer can accurately and reliably detect each compound in a sample.

The LCMS-8050 is capable of simultaneously obtaining both qualitative and quantitative information in a single analysis. Rapid acquisition allows MS/MS scans and MRM measurements to be performed concurrently while maintaining quantitative accuracy. MS/MS scans are usable and reliable because even at 30,000 u/sec, Shimadzu uses a 0.1 u scan step.

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Key Features

  • Unmatched Speed & Sensitivity

    Simultaneous Collection of Multiple MRM Events With Full Scan Product Ion Spectra at Different Collision Energies

    Fast Polarity Switching

    • Uses UF Technologies to switch polarity in 5 ms


    • Fast cycle time helps to detect more compounds with greater confidence and precision
  • Technology

    • UF-Qarray: The innovative design of the Qarray allows for enhancement of ion signal while simultaneously reducing noise. This yields ultra-low detection limits, allowing for trace quantitation

    Easy Operation/Maintenance

    • Quickly and easily replace the DL without breaking vacuum, providing greater uptime and usability

    Newly Designed Ionization Unit

    • No cable or tubes and no tools are needed to detach the needles fitted in APCI and DUIS units


  • Model

    • LCMS-8050

    Mass Range

    • m/z 2 to 2,000


    • ESI positive:
      1 pg reserpine, S/N > 250,000:1 (RMS)
    • ESI negative:
      1 pg chloramphenicol, S/N > 250,000:1 (RMS)


    • R < 0.7 u FWHM


    • < 0.003 %

    Minimum Pause Time

    • 1 msec

    Minimum Dwell Time

    • 0.8 msec

    Scan Speed

    • Max 30,000 u/sec (in all modes of scanning)
      (0.1 u step: 300,000 data points/sec)

    Block heater Maximum Temperature

    • ESI/DUIS: 500 °C
    • APCI: 300 °C

    Interface Maximum Settable Temperature

    • ESI/DUIS: 400 °C
    • APCI: 500 ° C
  • Mass Stability

    • 0.1 u / 24 hr

    Mass Accuracy

    • ±0.15 u or less (m/z 1,000)

    Polarity Switching Time

    • 5 msec


    • ESI (Standard)
    • APCI (Optional), DUIS (Optional)

    Applicable LC Flow Rate

    • ESI 1 μL/min to 2 mL/min

    MRM Transition Speed

    • Max 555 channels/sec

    DL Maximum Temperature

    • 300 °C

    Analysis Mode

    • 1 Scan/SIM
    • Q3 Scan/SIM
    • Precursor ion scan
    • Product ion scan
    • Neutral loss scan

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