2020 – LCMS

The ultra-high speed LC/MS Prominence UFLC+LCMS-2020 improves the speed and reliability of HPLC analysis, offering dramatic improvements in lab productivity. UFLC achieves excellent speed and resolution, while offering the high precision not available with conventional HPLC and expandability option.

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Key Features

  • Ultra Fast

    • In both analysis time and overall speed through rapid sample injection and fully automatic analysis functions.
    • Rapid 15 ms Polarity Switching
    • 15,000 u/sec Fast Scanning Speed

    Unquestionable Fidelity

    • Exceptional injection reproducibility and minimal sample carryover

    Application Versatility

    • Diverse Ionization Methods Expand the Range of Applications
  • Easy Maintenance

    • The desolvation line (DL) that introduces the sample from the ion source into the vacuum can be installed and uninstalled without breaking the vacuum, which dramatically enhances ease-of-maintenance

    Ultra Flexible

    • Covers an extensive range, from ultra-fast analysis to conventional HPLC and semi-preparative analysis


  • Mass Range

    • m/z 10 to 2000


    • R=2M

    Max. Scan Speed

    • 15,000 u/sec

    Polarity Switching Time

    • 15 msec

    Max. Temperature of Desolvation Line

    • 300° C

    Max. Temperature of Block Heater

    • 500° C (ESI, DUIS) / 300° C (APCI)


    • ESI
    • APCI (Option)
    • DUIS (Option)

    Applicable Flow Rate

    • 0.001–2 mL/min (ESI)
    • 0.05–2 mL/min (APCI)
    • 0.05–1 mL/min (DUIS)

    Operating System

    • Compatible with Windows XP Professional / Vista Business


    • Sensitivity and resolution optimized for both positive-ion and negative-ion modes
  • Instrument Control

    • Integrated control of the UHPLC Nexera™, HPLC (Shimadzu Prominence Series and LC-2010), LCMS-2020 MS unit, and interface

    Multi-Sequence Mode Function

    • Simultaneous data collection with a maximum 64 methods, such as scan, SIM, profile, positive ion,


    • 18°C to 28°C
    • Humidity: 40% to 70% (no condensation)


    • 350 mm (W) x 726 mm (D) x 553 mm (H)


    • 77.5 kg (MS unit)

    Power Supply

    • MS unit: 200/230 V AC, 10 A (50/60 Hz),
    • PC unit: 100/120/220 V AC (50/60 Hz)
    • LC unit: 100/120/220 V AC

    (current capacity varies with system configuration)


    • Nitrogen gas, consumption rate max. 21.5 L/minute

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