2014 – GC

2014 – GC

Based on the GC-2010, the GC-2014 delivers the best results for your routine analysis at a competitive price-to-performance ratio.

Whether you work with packed or capillary columns, the GC-2014 is your solution.

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  • Dimensions (mm)

    • 250 (W) × 360 (H) × 175 (D)

    Volume (L)

    • 15.8

    Temperature accuracy

    • ±1% (K) (Calibration possible at 0.01°C)

    Temperature deviation

    • Within 2°C (on a 200mm diameter column holder)

    Temperature coefficient

    • 0.01°C/°C

    Range of linear temperature increase

    • 115 V model
    • 30°C/min up to 150°C
    • 20°C/min up to 250°C
    • 10°C/min up to 380°C
    • 7°C/min up to 400°C
    • 230 V model
    • 60°C/min up to 150°C
    • 40°C/minup to 250°C
    • 20°C/min up to 380°C
    • 15°C/min up to 400°C
  • Temperature range

    • Room temperature + 10°C to 400°C −50°C to 400°C (When using liquid carbon dioxide gas.)

    Temperature stability

    • Within ±0.05°C

    Cooling speed

    • To cool from 300°C to 50°C, approx. 6 minutes.

    Overheat protection

    • Programmable up to 420°C (Also, you have another protection separately: fixed at 500°C.)

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