Our Trusted Partners

ZefSci is committed to offering expert multivendor LCMS service. Our collaborative partnerships help keep your LCMS systems humming.

  • e-MSion

    Since being acquired by Agilent, e-MSion has halted production and distribution of ECD upgrades for ThermoFisher Instruments.
  • Evosep

    Evosep aims to make clinical proteomics 100 times more robust and 10 times faster by radically innovating sample preparation and separation prior to MS analysis.
  • Fasmatech

    Fasmatech is a high technology company focused on mass spectrometry and ion mobility instrumentation design and development.
  • Our expert multivendor LCMS service team can work with your existing Asset Management company to provide end-to-end coverage for your critical lab equipment.
  • Shimadzu

    Shimadzu is a leading global provider of analytical instruments including chromatography, mass spectrometry, and spectroscopy for life science, food, environmental, and cannabis analysis.

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