Biodiesel Analyzer (YL6500 GC)

YL6500 GC – Gas chromatograph for standard capillary & packed columns

Biodiesel originating from vegetable oils and animal fats is considered to be an alternative to fuel. The concern of its production and determination is warranted because of its energy. It’s safe, renewable, and biodegradable and reduces greenhouse gas emission when burned. The analysis of becomes important to determine the trace of impurities within the biodiesel which can ultimately affect it’ performance.

Our Analyzer identifies and quantifies impurities in biodiesel and provides a complete solution including: sample preparation & method set-up all while achieving excellent reproducibility and resolution.

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  • Compliance with the various standard methods(ASTM, EN..)
  • Accurate sample preparation method support
  • Analysis method setup with powerful & easy to use CDS (Chromatography Data System)
  • Customized application support with recommended columns and consumables
  • Superior cost effectiveness with optimized analysis efficiency
  • Low maintenance cost and long term stability