Aqua MAX Basic Series

aquaMAX™ Basic Series Water Purification System  – Type II grade water

The aquaMAX™ Ultra 370 Series – Ultra Water Purification System produces ultra-pure water in resistivity 18.2 MΩcm and inorganics reduction up to 99.99%(TOC level to <10 ppb). The aquaMAX-Ultra can be easily upgraded by adding a UV (Ultraviolet) lamp for low TOC level (< 5ppb), and a UF (Ultrafilter) for pyrogen-free (lower than 0.06 Eu/ml).

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Features & Benefits

High water quality

  • Easy to upgrade by adding R.O Post pack to produce Type Ⅱ water (ASTM)
  • Auto-rinsing
  • Sensing Cell to display accurate water quality (Conductivity & Resistivity) by automatic temperature compensation

Intuitive operation

  • Easily replaceable one-touch clip type filters
  • Monitoring self-test, filter replacement, uto-rinsing and service check
  • Modules are separated for easy maintenance

Safety Function

  • Pressure Regulator prevents instrument from damage by constant pressure.
  • Pressure blocking: pressure limit blocking for safe operation