ZefSci's statement on covid-19

Who We Are

There is no better calling then the support and enhancement of a better tomorrow. Through the field of science and research ZefSciā€™ mission is to be the engine that drives such a calling. We diligently work and push our limits to help our customers succeed. At ZefSci we are not just a service provider or an instrument vendor; our customers attest that we are an integral part of their science.

Our success and reputation have set a new era and precedent to what the expectation should be when delivering the most ideal price, quality and service.

Our scope has extended from as early as drug development to patient testing and consumer consumption. We thrive for this better tomorrow by directly contributing to the Pharmaceutical, Environmental, Food, Forensics, Diagnostics, chemical research, energy and academia industry.

Our Culture

We are a global entity with locations in Canada, India, Morocco and the United States. However despite our global reach our cultural beliefs is that we are a small company with strong family and customer values.

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