YL9300 HPLC is an integrated HPLC system which includes a vacuum degasser, quaternary pump a mixing valve and UV/Vis detector at a competitive price. This system provides a stabilized baseline with a substantially minimal noise level. It’s newly innovated focus lens in a monochromator reduces mobile phase RI effects.

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  • Integrated LPG HPLC system : Vacuum Degasser + Quaternary Pump + UV Detector
  • Increased mobile phase composition efficiency
  • Decreased solvent peak influence
  • Greatly stabilized baseline with substantially minimized noise level
  • Simple Maintenance: Pump & Vacuum Degasser modules in a sliding drawer
  • High speed data process by network (LAN) communication Competitive or even lower price than others

Remarkable Stability. With automatic compressibility compensation minimising back-flow in the pump, the YL9100 HPLC provides accurate and precise flow rates

Superior sensitivity. A shielded optic design protects the optical components from dangerous contaminants such as fine dust or harmful gases. In addition, Monochromator and a new Blazed Holographic Concave Grating enhance light intensity, ensuring high sensitivity over the entire wavelength range