8045 – LC-MS/MS

LCMS-8045 Triple Quadrupole Liquid Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer (LC-MS/MS)

The triple quadrupole LCMS-8045 is the workhorse instrument in the Shimadzu LC-MS/MS lineup, designed for around-the-clock sample analyses. The heated ESI probe, high-temperature heating block, heated desolvation line, drying gas, and focusing optics all act to maximize sensitivity while minimizing contamination, resulting in continuous operation in the laboratory with reliable data collection, even for complex matrices like biological fluids or foods.

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Mass range
m/z 2 to 2,000
ESI positive:
1 pg reserpine, S/N > 100,000:1 (RMS)
ESI negative:
1 pg chloramphenicol, S/N > 100,000:1 (RMS)
R < 0.7 u FWHM
Mass stability
0.05 u/12 hr
< 0.003 %
Minimum pause time
1 msec
Minimum dwell time
0.8 msec
Scan speed
Max 30,000 u/sec (in all modes of scanning)
(0.1 u step: 300,000 data points/sec)
Polarity switching time
5 msec
ESI (Standard),
APCI (Optional), DUIS (Optional)
Applicable LC flow rate
ESI 1 μL/min to 2 mL/min
MRM transition speed
Max 555 channels/sec
DL maximum temperature
300 °C
Block heater maximum temperature
ESI/DUIS: 500 °C
APCI: 300 °C
Interface maximum settable temperature
ESI/DUIS: 400 °C
APCI: 500 °C
Analysis mode
Q1 Scan/SIM
Q3 Scan/SIM
Precursor ion scan
Product ion scan
Neutral loss scan
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Features & Benefits

  • High Sensitivity and Ultra-High-Speed Detection
  • Superior robustness assures that high sensitivity is maintained over the long term
  • LabSolutions software designed for specific workflows

Application versatile

Easy Operation/Maintenance

Quickly and easily replace the DL without breaking vacuum, providing greater uptime and usability.

Newly Designed Ionization Unit

No cable or tubes and no tools are needed to detach the needles fitted in APCI and DUIS units.