V:KIT BoxV:Kit is comprehensive

Qualification using V:Kit is a seamless operation, combining:




  • Software
  • Reference standards
  • Documentation - qualification protocols, audit trails, reporting tools
  • SOPs
  • Tools

 V:Kit provides a single, harmonised qualification platform

V:Kit uses one standard approach, regardless of instrument manufacturer, providing a platform that can unify the quality and consistency of your qualifications across:

  • All makes of instrument
  • All laboratories
  • All locations

V:Kit lets you Take Control

  • It incorporates a wide range of qualification protocols to meet your requirements.
  • We can deliver bespoke protocols designed specifically to your own needs.

 V:Kit is benefits service providers, and labs

  • For service providers – V:Kit offers a clear competitive advantage, including cost and quality beneifts
  • For labs – especially those with lots of different makes of equipment spread over different locations, V:Kit provides a common qualification platform that's conveniently accessible.

Your starting point as a user is the V:Kit 5 Application. This software is delivered online – downloaded to your PC, laptop or tablet running Windows 7 or 8 (see below for minimum system requirements). With your software you receive 1 year's licence subscription for 1 registered user.

You can add test licences, reference standards, and buy qualification tools as and when needed.

When you buy a V:Kit 5 Application licence, a secure online database is created for your company. This acts as a central repository for all your V:Kit 5 data.

You can use V:Kit 5 as a stand-alone system, which synchronises with your online database when your device is connected to the Internet. During your licensed period, when you're online – your V:Kit 5 software may also be updated with modifications or upgrades. For those who use devices permanently connected to the Internet, a version of V:Kit 5 is available that synchronises data automatically.

Operations available in the software include:

  • Manage users and assign permissions levels
  • Create and print protocols
  • Import and view licences
  • Run new protocols
  • Resume existing protocols
  • View integrated procedures and standard traceability
  • Log deviations
  • Review completed protocols
  • Print or re-print audit-ready reports
  • Create a summary report.

The V:Kit 5 Application licence allows you to perform all functions with the software, apart from running or resuming protocols.

V:Kit 5 runs in 2 key modes: 'Standard', and 'Premium'.

The essential feature of V:Kit 5 Standard, is that 'quick' qualifications can be performed. In which the user sets the test, the test setpoints and parameters, and the test criteria immediately prior to performing the test.

V:Kit 5 Premium offers the same features, but also uses a more controlled style of OQ delivery, i.e. 'Protocol' tools. Users with 'manager' permissions can create and manage protocols – defining the tests to be performed, their set points and their criteria. After creating a protocol, these setpoints and criteria are locked. The qualification can then be performed without the engineer/technician being able to make changes.

There is also an extension to the 'Premium' mode: 'SDK' – a software development kit for new techniques. This is used by V:Kit Ltd to develop bespoke tests for customers, such as transforming existing 'MS Office'-based protocols into V:Kit.

Click here to compare the various features of V:Kit 5 'Standard', 'Premium' and 'SDK'.

 Minimum operating system and hardware requirements for V:Kit 5 are:

  • Windows 7 or Windows 8 OS
  • Processor: 1GHz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Disk Space (minimum): 32-bit – 850MB; 64-bit – 2GB