Pyrolysis GC Analyzer


The Pyrolysis System analyzes polymerized materials which have low solubility and non-volatility . Polymers are known to degrade at specific bonding locations based on temperature, the distribution of the fragments provides intel on the characteristics & chemical structure of the molecule. Applying heat to a sample that is greater than the energy of specific bonds, the molecule will fragment in a reproducible way. The fragments are separated by the analytical column to produce the chromatogram (pyrogram) which contains both qualitative and quantitative information. Heating easily breaks chemical bonds of organic materials or polymers in the absence of oxygen (pyrolization). This analytical method of pyrolysis is a useful process to obtain information of ingredient and structure of target materials (nylon, wax, polymer, paint, film, wood, plastic, etc.).

Key Features of Pyrolysis System

1) Fully automated and comes with necessary data acquisition software

2) Unit is desigend specifically for this purpose analysis is quicker and more convenient.

3) Simple & accurate procedure of pyrolysis

4) Pyrolysis-GC System contains solvent, reagent column for analysis. (other items also included)

5) Temp. range >=1400℃, quick temperature control of 20,000℃/sec,8 step temperature programming for accuracy and precision.

Analysis Application

  1. Analysis of Nylon 6/6 by a Pyrolysis System
  2. Analysis of Polyethylene by a Pyrolysis System