GC - Gas Chromatograph

YL6100 GC

The Young Lin YL6100 GC meets all analytical demands providing practical solutions for every application and satisfying the features you’ve always desired.

Get all the advantages of multi-functional APC standard in the Young Lin YL6100 GC. APC increases productivity by accurate, precise control for flow and pressure and reduces operating costs with the Gas Saver. APC improves your competitiveness with fast and accurate analysis.

Key Features

  • Powerful Control
- Perfect control of all parameters by Autochro-3000 Data System
  • Stable and precise control with powerful dual CPUs
  • Remote Time Control: Remote Time Delay and Remote Signal Output
  • Easy Operation
- Intuitive user interface for a keyboard
  • Column conditioning function
  • Stores up to 20 different analytical methods


  • Flame Ionization Detector (FID) for organic compounds
  • Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD) for every compound including inorganic compounds except carrier gas
  • Pulsed Discharge Detector (PDD) for analysis of halogenated compounds
  • Nitrogen Phosphorous Detector (NPD) for selective detection of organic nitrogen and phosphorous compounds
  • Electron Capture Detector (ECD) for selective detection of halogenated compounds