Formaldehyde Analyzer



Formaldehyde Analyzer is used for monitoring of aldehydes, specifically formaldehyde and acetaldehyde. Sampling of formaldehyde in air, sample preparation and all processes for monitoring has to be organized to analyze the amount of formaldehyde. Formaldehyde Analyzer can provide the best solution to monitor formaldehyde using standard method with the appropriate system configuration based on the Indoor Air Quality Management Act. The system was designed to detect the aldehydes at low concentration and offers proper results in monitoring of formaldehyde according to Indoor Air Quality Management.

Key Features of YL Formaldehyde Analyzer

1) The silica gel cartridge that is coated with 2,4-dinitorophenylhydorazine(DNPH cartridge) is used for the sampling of formaldehyde. The system consists of an ozone scrubber, DNPH cartridge and pump with flow meter and Teflon tube.

2) YL Formaldehyde Analyzer allows reliable optimum condition and high reproducibility.

3) Using the data acquisition software for formaldehyde application, you can easily control all processes on PC.

4) As an optional function, you can improve the efficiency of operation in use withautosampler.

Analysis Application:

  1. The Analysis of Aldehyde/Ketonic in Indoor Air
  2. Analysis if Formaldehyde in Indoor Air of New Building
  3. Analysis of Formaldehydes (7 Kinds of Standard Material)