Cathecholamine Analyzer


This analyzer has solved the difficulties in catecholamine analysis:

  1. Sample Preparation
  2. Long time to stabilize the Electrochemical detector(ECD), setting for optimum condition, keeping the sensitivity and replacement and cleaning of cell.

Catecholamine Analyzer is the best solution for obtaining accurate results for catecholamine in an easy, convenient, and affordable process.

Key Features:

1) Easily analyze the Catecholamine in blood or urine

2) System easily detects Catecholamine in low concentrations with the wide range and various filter functions.

3) Short stabilization time (within 30 min.)

4) Provides reproducible data by minimizing errors between operators.

5) Provides a more economical package (column oven is included inside of the ECD)

Application Analysis:

  1. Biosynthesis and Metabolism of Cathecholamines
  2. Cathecholamine among the Plasma